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Who We Are

We are a pioneering management consulting firm, collaborating with visionary leaders to create adaptive strategies for today’s complex and uncertain world.

Sri Narayanan Bhupan

Founder, President

Sri Bhupan is a global entrepreneur who has worked businesses in the US, Middle East and India, and is passionate about making business owners successful. Nurturing being his second nature Sri Bhupan helps entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses at the foundation level. He takes the time to patiently guide his clients through difficult times, reminding them to focus on the bottom-line.

Business owners and decision makers who have spent time with Sri Bhupan regard him as the powerhouse of business intelligence, and are inspired by his determination to consistently grow without holding on to limiting factors. His creative solutioning comes to the aid of people around him when they stop thinking, because even small aspects drive his innate need to micro-think and find perfect solutions.Sri Bhupan always builds expansive ideas, and is keen to see his clients or associates do the same by his ability to provoke people to think, wanting to transform them into powerful personas.

Veer Nair

Vice President, Strategy

Veer Nair, is the Vice President Strategy, of Business Brahma, a business and political strategy consultancy. He is an electronics and communication engineer and has completed Masters in Political & Economic Leadership from MIT School of Government, Pune. With vast experience in Technology, Analysis and Strategy. He specialises in Blue Ocean Strategy.

He and his team are passionate to support Medium, Small, Micro Enterprises to scale, grow, brand, and market.