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Most MSMEs stops growing and faces several challenges to take their business to the next level. At BB we provide strategy and solutions to expand and scale up your business. We help in creating tailor made operational, and marketing strategy with focus on maximum return of investment.

Scalability Strategy

We help you to and zero-in on the most attractive Scalability opportunities for your business. Our BB associates would help you Identify your strategic scalability opportunities, develop strategies to seize growth, and build your scalability plan.

Identify your strategic scalability opportunities: For every Business there are multiple opportunities to Scale up: you can increase market share, enter new market spaces, or conquer new geographies. We help you identify the right opportunities that are worth pursuing in understanding of your business, inherent strengths and market dynamics.

Develop strategies to seize growth: For every identified opportunity there could be multiple paths to follow. We assess these options by building a better understanding of your Market, existing customers, identifying areas of product or service innovation if required, and looking at opportunities to partner or acquire to power the scalability.

Build your scalability plan: We develop a detailed roadmap to guide you thru theScalability phase. Incorporating strategic, financial and organizational imperatives, your scalability plan guides your leadership team through the hard choices that lie ahead.

Marketing Strategy

We help you deliver and capture more value through better directed go-to-market strategies online as well as offline aka on ground, superior sales and channel management, new customer insights and innovative digital marketing efforts.From targeting to execution, we apply on-ground experience and strategic marketing expertise to make your marketing effective.

Our BB associates would, Understand your target audience, Define your value proposition, Set the right price, Craft your message, Chart your route to market, and Build your execution capabilities.

Understand your target audience:We generate powerful new insights about your market and its audience in order to identify attractive segments on which to target your market strategy.

Define your value proposition: We uncover the unique benefits aka USP of your product or service and draw the connections between what your customer’s actually desire and what you can deliver. We then shape these connections into a value proposition that would ensure that you stand apart from your competition.

Set the right price: Pricing is important to positioning, profitability and customer adoption. We help you set the right price and design effective incentive structures to win-over your channel partners and customers.

Craft your message: We help you in crafting clear messaging that resonates with your target segments’ needs and their wants.

Build your execution capabilities: We do an in-depth internal research into your organization to understand your capabilities across marketing, sales, distribution and service. This tells you what advantages you can leverage and what areas you need to strengthen before rolling out your marketing strategy.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean strategy generally refers to the creation by a company of a new, uncontested market space that makes competitors irrelevant and that creates new consumer value often while decreasing costs. @BB we expertise in providing Blue Ocean Strategy for your business.

Why is Blue Ocean Strategy?

'Blue Ocean Strategy is referred to a market for a product where there is no competition or very less competition. This strategy revolves around searching for a business in which very few firms operate and where there is no pricing pressure.

The strategy aims to capture new demand, and to make competition irrelevant by introducing a product with superior features. It helps the company in make huge profits as the product can be priced a little steep because of its unique features.

When there is limited room to grow, businesses try and look for verticals or avenues of finding new business where they can enjoy uncontested market share or 'Blue Ocean'. A blue ocean exists when there is potential for higher profits, as there is now competition or irrelevant competition.